How to Empty a Shark Vacuum

How to Empty a Shark Vacuum – Tips and Steps

It is been horrifying for the users who use vacuum especially Shark Vacuum to empty the dirt from the bin.  There is no need for the user to buy a new bin for the vacuum. There is some procedure while the bin is fulfilled with dirt.

The users might forget to clean their vacuum but their vacuum needs some maintenance to work smoothly in the future. The vacuum will last long if the user gives proper effort and maintain all sorts of guidance regarding it. In this article, we will be going to discuss the procedure of emptying a shark vacuum.


Shark vacuum is one of the best vacuum cleaners for the tile floor in the year 2019. It has portable cleaning power with a detachable canister. You can easily upheaval the canister to clean the tile floor. Moreover, swivel steering helps to clean the furniture very smoothly.

There is a filtration system called HEPA filter which is very helpful for asthma and allergies patients. It cleans up to 99% of dust.  The user can also clean carpet by pressing the brush roll shut off button.

Key features:

  • There is a button to lift the canister for cleaning the tile floor.
  • HEPA filter system.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Lightweight and portable system.
  • Brush roll which helps to clean carpets.


  • User-friendly and easy to control.
  • Smoothly clean the tough areas.
  • Powerful suction system.


  • Very few power brushes for the pet.
  • Might be heavy for some user.

When should you empty your Shark Vacuum?

There is a lot of ways that indicate you empty your cleaner. Some of the ways are being discussed below.

Decreasing Suction power:

When you see your suction power is decreasing it will give you the first indicates to empty your vacuum bin. The suction power won’t able to give that performance when the bin is full of dirt. If you empty your bin, and you see the suction power is still decreasing then you can check your brush roll.

Bad smell

The bad smells come out when the bin is packed with dirt, rubbish, dust and so on. When you clean the bin, there will be no bad smell from your vacuum. So, it will be another great indicator for the user to empty the bin of the vacuum.

Sound change

The vacuum cleaner always has default sound. It is a machine sound. When the bin is full, the sound will change because of the pressure of the bin. If you hear any kind of abnormality sound from your vacuum, you must empty the bin first. It is very dangerous for your machine because it might not work properly.

How Can You Empty a Shark Vacuum?

There some steps you have to follow when you actually want to empty the vacuum cleaner. The steps are-

  • First of all, the user has to turn off the plug from the switch. After that, the user has to take hold of the top handle of the canister securely.
  • After that, the user has to use his/her thumb to open the bin. Then, he/she has to take away the bin from the vacuum machine.
  • Moreover, you can press the button which is beside the canister. After that, you have to empty the bin nicely.
  • Put the dust on the safe place. You have to do this work safely otherwise, you will again dirty your floor. So, you have to put all your dirt in the dust bin.
  • Finally, close the bottom of the bin. Then fixed it again with the machine.

How to empty the Shark Navigator Zero-M ZU561 Lift-Away Vacuum?

  • Firstly, unplug the cable from the switch.
  • You have to press the release tab to detach the dust cup from the top of the Shark Navigator.
  • After that, the user has to press the lower button to release the dust from the lower portion of the bin.
  • The user must check the bin whether the bin is fully empty or not.
  • Finally, put the bin in the exact position.

How to empty the Shark Rotator True Pet Lift-Away NV752 Vacuum?

  • The user has to detach the cup from the vacuum cleaner.
  • Next, the user has to press the release button from the top of the vacuum cleaner.
  • There is a button in front of the cleaner which will help to empty the bin.
  • Finally, put the dust cup into its position.

How to Empty the Shark FLEX Duo Clean Lift-Away HV391 Vacuum?

  • First of all, unplug the vacuum from the switch.
  • There is a release button near the wand which helps to detach the bin from the vacuum.
  • After that, you have to press the lower button to empty the bin.
  • Moreover, you can empty your bin from the head of the vacuum also.

Emptying the Shark ION, Shark ION Flex 2X Duo Clean IF251 Cordless Vacuums

  • Remove the battery from the Shark ION.
  • Detach the handle of Shark ION from the wand.
  • Then hold the bin over a dust bin and press release button.
  • After that, you can close your bin and fix it in the right position.


From the above article, you will be clear about how to empty a Shark Vacuum cleaner. We already discussed how to empty the vacuum regarding various models of the Shark vacuum cleaner.

The user might face difficulty to find the release button of the vacuum. The buttons are normally located in familiar side. However, if the user cannot find it, he/she should follow the manual which will be given with the box of the vacuum. We almost discussed some of the famous models of Shark vacuum and some description about it. This article will truly give you the guidance to empty the bin of your own Shark vacuum.

Shark vacuum is one of the best vacuum brands and provides a great service to its users. It is a great duty for a user to follow all the necessary guidance to maintain this cleaner so that it provides a long service for that user.

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