10 best Long hair vacuum in 2020

I am bringing you the 10 best long hair vacuum in 2020. I know not all vacuum cleaners are the same, or neither do they are equipped to deal with every possible dirt and debris. For example, a vacuum cleaner that is made and designed to pick up something like bread crumbs might not be perfect for cleaning and picking up something as delicate as human hairs.

Especially long hairs are something that many vacuum cleaners are not merely able to pick up so easily. This is why We have decided to take this matter in hand and find out the best vacuum for long hair. And We will also be focusing on why those models are suitable for you and which features to look out when buying the best vacuum cleaner for long hair.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away long hair vacuum in 2020
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

The Shark Navigator NV356E is designed in such a way which allows you to use it for picking long strands of human hair with ease off carpets and bare floors. Nobody would purchase a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have a sound filtration system.

But this Shark Navigator Lift-Away has such an effective filtration system. And best of all it uses an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology with a HEPA filter. This filtration technology is the best in the business. Because, It can trap 99.97% of dust, porcelain, dust mites, and any other allergens. It includes the lift-away technology, which makes sure you can easily do the maintenance of furniture, stairs, or other areas.

It is one of the best vacuums for human hair in 2020 and it comes with lots of other useful attachments. Like the dusting brush, 8-inch crevice tool, pet power brush, etc. It also includes a dust cup which capacity is 4.4 dry quarts.

Key features:

  • Product Dimensions: 15″ x 11.4″ x 45.5″
  • weight: 14 lbs
  • power cord: 30-foot
  • Hepa filter


  • It provides a warranty for five whooping years which is a lot
  • It has a quite long power cord which helps the users to clean the entire house easily
  • Cleans long human hair from the carpet and floors as well
  • Quite light and easy move around while using


  • The brush width is a bit small

02. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick long hair vacuum in 2020
Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, BH50010

Are you searching for a lightweight and cordless stick vacuum cleaner that can pick up long hairs quickly? Then we will suggest you try this Hoover BH50010 Stick Vacuum Cleaner. This best cordless vacuum for long hair is powered with its lithium-ion battery system. It uses WindTunnel technology for cleaning up any dirt or hairs fast.

It also features bagless system for cyclonic filtration. The bagless vacuum cleaners are great as you don’t need to deal with the dirty mess picked by the filter later. Which helps you to avoid getting exposed to any dirts. It is designed in such a way which allows you to use it on different surfaces like hardwood floors and even carpets as well.

There is a compatible battery charger included with this model. This model offers extra edge cleaning bristles, which are motorized. It helps you to clean every edge of your house. You will be able to take out all those hidden dirt and hairs in your floor. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight cleaner that weight just 10 pounds.

Key features:

  • Weight: 10pounds
  • Cord: N/A
  • WindTunnel Technology


  • The vacuum, battery, and charger have a 2-year limited warranty.
  • The handle is designed for hard to reach areas
  • Cleans the edges well
  • Works well on various type of surface


  • After-sales service isn't that fast

03. Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Orange, 1831

Bissell Cleanview Upright long hair vacuum in 2020
Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Orange, 1831

Bissell is a well-known brand that makes some of the best vacuum cleaners in the business. The Bissell 1831 Vacuum is one of the best vacuums for long human hair 2019. It is a large-sized vacuum cleaner, but it weights merely around 15 pounds.

It includes some incredible features. Like the OnePass technology with a multi-cyclonic suction system which is excellent for cleaning. It has practical and multi-level type filtration system which is also washable. It comes with a significant number of attachments which are extension wand, crevice tool, Turbobrush tool, and dusting brush.

It has a dirt cup which has the capacity of holding 2-liter of dirt. If you want to clean human hairs from the tightest areas of the house, then this one will be the best solution for you. Though it is a bit heavy, it will be a suitable option to clean up any surface nicely.

Key features:

  • product dimension: 13.2 x 13.5 x 44 inches
  • weight: 15.4 pound
  • cord: 25 ft
  • Multi-Cyclonic Suction System


  • Powerfull suction
  • Long cord to cover enough space
  • Works efficiently on cleaning human hairs
  • Large dirt holding capability


  • Bit heavier on size

04. Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Anti-Allergy Seal (NV42), Champagne

Shark Navigator Deluxe long hair vacuum in 2020
Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum

Most of the people don’t want to go for an expensive vacuum cleaner. In this case, this Shark Navigator Deluxe is an excellent medium-priced vacuum cleaner for them. It comes with so many incredible features like cyclonic technology with which helps it to spin more.

The good thing is, this model comes with four useful attachments which are two separate crevice tool, pet hair power brush, and dusting brush. Another plus point of using this vacuum cleaner is, it never runs out of electric power in the middle. That’s why you can work with it without any hassle. It comes with a large-sized dust bin which has the capacity of 53 gallons, and the filter doesn’t get messy quickly.

Key features:

  • product dimension:11.4 x 11.8 x 45.5 inches
  • weight: 15 pounds
  • cord: 25ft
  • Complete seal filtration


  • It includes with 2-level filtration system
  • For pre-motor and post-motor as well.
  • You can easily carry it anywhere
  • Good for cleaning various surface.


  • Roller brush can malfunction

05. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752)

Shark Rotator long hair vacuum in 2020
Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752) Upright Vacuum

The Shark Rotator TruePet NV752 is a powerful upright vacuum cleaner designed to be the best vacuum for long hair. It has a unique lift-away design that helps to incorporate the same motor-powered brush roll. It includes LED lights so that it can illuminate dirt and debris. This model also provides swivel steering, which allows you to move it quickly for proper cleaning. It uses an anti-allergen technology with a HEPA filter to trap allergens. The weight of this vacuum cleaner is only 15.6 pounds, which is why you can carry it without any hassle for cleaning any surface.

It comes with a 30-foot power cord with a 12-inch cleaning width. It also includes a hard floor genie attachment with one microfiber pad so that bare floor cleaning won’t be a problem. It also comes with some other useful attachments such as TruePet Mini motorized brush, dusting genie, pet upholstery tool, and accessories bag. It is one of the best long hair vacuums which can effectively clean your carpets and floors.

Key features:

  • weight: 16 pounds
  • cord: 30
  • LED lights


  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Cleans long hairs well
  • Versatile cleaning on different surfaces


  • The suction power is a bit behind its competitors

06. Shark ION Robot Vacuum R75 WiFi-Connected, Voice Control Dual-Action Robotic Vacuum Carpet, and Hard Floor Cleaner Works with Alexa (RV750)

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R75 WiFi-Connected
SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R75 WiFi-Connected

The SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R75 is an ideal vacuum cleaner for them who don’t want to give much effort for cleaning. It is a robot vacuum cleaner, and you can connect it your home WiFi. So you can control in different ways. This model is so easy to use, and it is designed to give you the best service without much effort. It can fit under some furniture as it is a smaller design. So can easily clean the hard areas or places. It includes a lithium-ion battery which can clean for an hour continuously.

This model comes with three brushes which work together to sweep dirt from hard surfaces and carpets. It uses detangling technology for cleaning surfaces. It also has smart sensor navigation, which helps it to avoid obstacles. You can easily pull out its dustbin, and the good thing is, the dustbin can hold a good amount of dirt and debris. Though it doesn’t have a powerful motor still, this model is so effective.

Key features:

  • weight: 5 pounds
  • cord: N/A
  • Voice-controlled


  • One of the lightest
  • Most technologically advanced cleaner
  • Can be controlled with voice
  • Easy to store


  • Some models may have a factory defect

07. Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382 Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Carpet and Hard Floor with Hand Vacuum, Charcoal

Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382
Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382

Shark Rocket DuoClean is such an incredible creation of shark brand, which also maintains the lead of the vacuum cleaner market with the brand’s exceptional quality. It comes with two brush rolls which can work in unison. It can work effectively to clean any surface. This model has that capability to eliminate any types of hair such as small and long hairs. It has a heavy, powerful suction that helps to remove any kinds of dirt and debris from the surface.

It is an ultra-lightweight model, and its weight is only 10 pounds. The great this is, you can able to convert this vacuum cleaner into a handheld vacuum for floor-to-ceiling cleanup. It includes a powerful LED lights that are situated on the nozzle and hand vac. You will have a great experience of hassle-free access with this cleaner.

Key features:

  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • cord: 30ft
  • Dual brush roll


  • Quite lightweight
  • Powerful suction
  • Better dust holding capacity
  • doesn't lose power


  • None that we could find

08. Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum, Bordeaux

Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright
Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright

Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light is an excellent two-in-one design which makes it one of the most lightweight upright cleaner. It has a long hose which you can replace with any other accessories. It features a powerful suction with a rotating brush head so that you can get the best cleaning performance.

This model comes with a simple toggle switch which allows you to activate and deactivate this machine. It comes with a multi-layer filtration system to decrease allergens. It is a pet-friendly model which works so effectively to clean long hairs. Other than that, you will get it at a reasonable price.

Key features:

  • product dimension:13 x 10.2 x 47.5 inches
  • weight: 9 lbs
  • cord: 30ft


  • Very affordable
  • Nonstop suction
  • Larger dirt holding capacity
  • Picks up long hairs very well


  • It is a bit noisy

09. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Upright Vacuum with Tangle Free Brushroll

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser long hair vacuum
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Upright

The Bissell 1650A pet hair is one of the best hair vacuums for human hairs 2019. It is the perfect solution for the pet owners as well. It comes with a wide cleaning head with SUctionChannel feature which offers you to edge-to-edge suction and cleaning. This useful technology allows you to clean the large floor of areas.

There is a switch attached to the cleaning head, which allows you to control the height of the brush roll. This model is specially designed for pet owners, and the brush roll of this model is tangle-free. This brush roll can handle even very long hair. Another good thing about this brush is, it is equipped with a protection system so that it can prevent any kinds of breaking or clogging.

This model comes with SmartSeal Allergen System, which helps to filter the allergens. It is primarily equipped for long hair removal. This incredible cleaning model comes with so many nifty accessories such as pet turbo eraser, 2-in-1 pet brush, LED lights, quick release wand, etc.

Key features:

  • product dimension: 13.5 x 12.4 x 46.8 inches
  • weight: 18 pounds
  • SmartSeal Allergen System


  • strong suction
  • 5-years limited warranty.
  • The brush doesn't get clogged
  • Easily cleans the edges


  • It's is a bit heavy

10. Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away (NV803), Standard, Cinnamon

Shark DuoClean long hair vacuum
Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away (NV803)

Last but not least, Another powerful Shark vacuum cleaner which is Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away upright vacuum cleaner”. It is powered by lift-away with DuoClean technology. It comes with a dual brush roll system which helps you to pick large dirt and debris pieces and pet hair as well. Also, It has an extendable appliance wand which offers you to clean hard surfaces such as upholstery, ceilings or stairs. This cleaning machine is so useful for hardwood, tiles, and carpets.

It also uses an anti-allergen technology for cleaning. You will find LED lights in this model, which helps you track allergens. It also includes fingertip controls so that you can switch it from hard floor to carpet mode.As a result this excellent cleaning machine will provide you the best service by cleaning all the hard surfaces and make a polished look.

Key features:

  • product dimension: 11.8 x 11.9 x 46.1 inches
  • weight: 14 pounds
  • cord: 30 ft
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • Hepa filter


  • equipped to pick long hairs
  • Trap and filters pollens and other allergens well
  • Provides deep clean
  • The wand is good at reaching difficult areas


  • It is on a bit heavier side


Best long hair vacuum in 2020 buying guide:

Consider which type of vacuum you will get.

For cleaning your car and furniture handheld vacuum is excellent. You can reach tight areas with this one. But it’s not good with household cleaning.

Robot vacuum spins around the house and cleans the house. You do not have to anything with this one. But the problem is you cannot vacuum your furniture with it.

The canister vacuum has a hose coming out from it to help with cleaning. This one is the more affordable side.

An upright vacuum is easy to use in your household. You can even convert it to canister type of vacuum if you want. Cleaning a tight area with this vacuum is the easiest.

The vacuum works by its power. So the more power, the better. The handheld vacuum does not have much ability to support your cleaning session. For power, the upright vacuum is better and cleans more effectively. You cannot guess the power of a vacuum with just seeing its configuration. You have to go through customer reviews for that.

Cordless models are a little more expensive than corded ones. Cordless requires a battery to charge, which makes it a little pricey. But the decision is on you whether you choose money or ease of use. Because it’s not easy plugging in and plugging off every time you go to vacuum a new room.

Bagged were a popular choice a long time ago. Getting hair with that vacuum was easy. But you have to replace those bags which is not suitable for the environment. It is why the dust bin has become more popular. You can even save up the money that bagged vacuum would require. Until you find removing dust bin, it is hard to go for a bagless vacuum cleaner for sure.

If you have dust allergy, you know the deal. You must have a vacuum that has anti-allergen filters. It is not just for people with a dust allergy. Everyone deserves this in their house to keep the home safe from allergy. Because trapped dust is more harmful to humans, this type of vacuum is the best vacuum for long human hair because it ensures no single strand of hair is left behind.

For vacuums, it’s crucial to check the reachability. If it just reaches some areas how you will be able to clean hard to reach areas. It creates a dusty environment around the house, as some areas are not clean. So look for those vacuums that have an extendable wand so that you can clean every nook and corner.

In just one house, there are many different surfaces. Tiling, rugs, hardwood, and carpet everything is now in the modern household. Best vacuum cleaner for long human hair is those who work in every kind of surfaces. That will make them able to pick up every strand of hair from the floor. Better you get those vacuums that have different settings on different surfaces and materials.

Most of the time, vacuums work without any disturbances. But you have to make sure there is not much disturbance in the vacuum cleaner. If there is any disturbance, you will be able to fix with warranty. So it’s imperative to know about it.

You have to spend a minimum of $100 on getting a decent vacuum in most cases. All the great vacuum cleaners come at this price. Do not go for cheaper options because those will waste your money. You will end up not using those at all. Look for options that are the best value for money not cheap.

Q. How to clean a bagless vacuum

  • Ans: Take all the dirt out from the dust cup area. One emptied, clean off any residue with a damp cloth soaked in warm water.

Q.When should you clean the filters? 

  • Ans:You might not need to change them more than once or twice a year. But that depends on your usage. 

Longer and healthier hair is the only thing on earth that looks beautiful on your head. But the moment it leaves the head and lies on the floor, it looks dirty. Girls with Long hair frequently face the problem as the vacuum does not pick up their long hair. It’s a complicated task for a vacuum cleaner as the hair is not like other debris. That’s why we decided to help you by reviewing what we think is the best vacuum for long human hair. We also featured the things you need to consider while buying one.